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Earlier this year we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, since our launch in March 2005 we have grown to be one of the most reliable and trusted providers not only in the UK but in Frankfurt and now New York. At the start we were just a part-time operation providing white box servers from a shared rack in a London datacentre to only a handful of clients, now are product portfolio has changed and we now have multiple racks in multiple datacentres around the world providing solutions to over 1800 clients. Below you will find a timeline of VooServers progress over the years with some of our key milestones.

16th March 2005

The idea of VooServers was conceived and www.vooservers.com was registered by our CEO and technical Director Matt Parkinson. With some primitive Photoshop skills we created our landing page and you must agree that it looks amazing.

Holding Page

20th October 2005

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes setting up the main foundations of the company the switch is made to VooServers Ltd, then on the 20th October marketing began

February 2006

Our first order is received for a dedicated server which is installed at Redbus Sovereign House in Docklands

10th January 2006

Shortly after our first order we launched our first website, the template being bought off of eBay. One of the Servers being advertised is still, perhaps worryingly, in operation today!

First website

August 2006

After several months of steady growth, we moved into a quarter rack, half rack and then moved it all to BlueSquare in Maidenhead.

November 2007

In November 2007 we splashed the cash and got a third party designer to redesign out website, as you may be able to tell

Third Website

September 2009

2 years later we got our first full rack in the newly opened SOTA DC in Sittingbourne

March 2012

VooServers moves into it’s first proper office at the Maidstone Studios where we are still based today although in a much larger office

First office

September 2012

In September the same year we moved our entire operation to Custodian DC where we are still based today and rapidly expanding

March 2013

We launched our Frankfurt point of presence in March 2013 at Global Switch

Frankfurt DC

April 2013

VooServers retrieves Trademark Status

September 2013

Our latest logo was introduced in September 2013

VooServers Ltd Logo

October 2013

In October 2013 we expanded our presence to New York City at 100 William Street just off of Wall Street

New York City Datacentre

December 2014

And in December 2014 we released the current version of our website

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