2016 KM Partnership Awards

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VooServes at Km Charity Event

On Friday 26th February the KM Charity Team commenced an annual awards ceremony in order to emphasise and show many businesses making a true difference to charity services across the whole of Kent. The awards ceremony took place at Hempstead House Hotel in Sittingbourne where the winners, out of fifty organisations, were granted awards warranted by their assistance to the KM Charity Team enabling them to deliver their vast amount of services to many good causes around the country.

Additionally to the annual awards ceremony the KM Charity Team last year managed to raise a total of £150,000 obtained from organising and running an extensive number of other fundraising events which include Charity walks, a bike ride and their most successful event the dragon boat race. Alongside these events the charity have also been in charge and hosted Four Big Quiz events staged in towns all over Kent like Maidstone and Medway which added an additional £30,000 to their total.

At the award ceremony businesses whom had helped the charity’s work received a KM Charity Team Partnership award. VooServers Technical Director Matt Parkinson was there to receive our KM Charity Team Partnership award with Bill Parkinson alongside.

There is a current Walk to School campaign which involves the projects Walk on Wednesday (WOW), Active Bug and Green Footsteps which will further demonstrate the positive impact the KM Charity Team has on many communities and charities.

By on March 4th, 2016