Are you prepared for winter?

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You might wonder why on an I.T. blog we are asking whether you are prepared for winter when it’s a question normally reserved for your boiler man or garage.

Winter brings with it the possibility of a number of different adverse weather conditions whether that be snow, high winds or flooding and with that the interruption to business also starts to become a bigger possibility. It’s estimated that disruption from snow costs the UK economy over 500 million pounds a day with early reports of the recent floods in Cornwall alone reported at 6 million.

Here at VooServers we are specialists in data centre based solutions that can play a key part in keeping your workforce operational during unforeseen circumstances.

The biggest and most important thing is to plan. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be costly, but it does have to exist! A plan can be as simple as who should notify the staff of the issue, who to redirect the phones to and what responsibilities people should undertake if they are not able to complete their normal line of work.

If you already work with VooServers you are probably aware that we offer Skype for Business, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint all of which can enable your business to remain fully operational with your users working from home, keeping them working in the same manner as they would when they are in the office to ensure the most productivity possible. It is important however to make sure that users have access to the software they will need to install and have clear instructions on how to connect to these services once the software is installed which should be a part of your plan.

If you don’t have existing access to these technologies, then talk to us today for a free no obligation audit and proposal.

Without these technologies the easiest and cheapest step you can take to enable your users to work from home is to allow them to connect remotely to their normal work PC’s. In most circumstances businesses already have the capability to do this with their existing setup, however it just needs to be enabled. A worst case scenario is a replacement router which start from under £100. If you are purely contingency planning, then this is probably the cheapest step to take but the efficiencies are not as great as the technologies mentioned above as it’s not the user’s normal way of working and when it’s required it still needs to be setup on each person’s home computer.

VooServers are able to offer a number of solutions not just to fulfil contingency plans but to enable greater working capabilities all of the time. Call us to today on 0800 0803 200 or e-mail us on to chat to one of our engineers today about the possibilities.

By on December 11th, 2015