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Backing up laptops and office computers for most companies is imperative, whether it be your accountant with important financial documents, your designer with important website content or your Managing Directors email data, it’s crucial that your data is safe and recoverable. It is equally important however for companies to do their bit for the environment and ensure workstations are switched off when not in use to cut down on power costs and energy. The main problem with this is when; laptop lids get shut, pc’s get set on standby, your precious data never likely gets a chance to back itself up properly. With Backup2Go none of this matters, your workstations will backup wherever they are, at whatever time, providing it has internet access and power. It can do all this without the need to begin a backup from scratch. With very little administration required, Backup2Go is software you can depend on.

One of the reasons we started to look at Backup2Go is it seamlessly supports Windows, Macs and Linux based operating systems, a must for offices who give their employees the choice of OS. Once the agent is downloaded and installed, a quick 5 minute setup to configure which server to back up to and you are ready to go. With Backup2Go the administration is a doddle. Once you have your P5 backup server setup and a template in place you can begin assigning agents to it. The configurable options on the templates are extremely useful:


You can limit the amount of bandwidth the backups use, whether you want the data transfer encrypted or if you want backups disabled on battery power amongst other options. The settings from the template will always take priority unless of course you let the workstation decide. This is great if you want to enforce the backup of certain directories or if you want all agents to back up every X amount of hours.

When the backups are running, you can conveniently administrate all of your agents in the P5 overview control panel where a traffic light system is used to view the current status of all the running agents. This makes it clear to see how long ago it has been since the last successful backup or if there are any problems.


Since backups are likely to be performed each day, the volume of data for each backup increment will remain small meaning minimal server and network load. If you want to specifically deny backups during certain times of the day you can do this too, you may for instance want to deny backups during peak times in the day when productivity needs to be at its highest.

Restoring files is equally as simple and can be done on the user’s workstation or from the P5 administration panel. This takes away the hassle of having to contact your backup admin as users can simply login to the agent themselves and restore their files from any given time (displayed on the right of the screenshot below).

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We have been very impressed with the flexibility Backup2Go offers, it allows us to manage backups of client’s laptops and workstations with the freedom of knowing that their data is being securely backed up regardless of where they are.

By on May 12th, 2015