Configure hosted exchange on Android and iOS devices

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In today’s day and age it is becoming more and more important to be connected to your work no matter where you are. Below we have 2 helpful tutorials that will aid in this, showing both iPhone and Android users how to configure Hosted Exchange.


  1. First of all go to your system settings
  2. From there scroll down and go into Accounts
  3. Then tap on add account then select email
  4. Type in your email address and password
  5. You may be asked for account type, select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  6. Under Exchange server add the address: Underneath check that the ‘Use secure connection (SSL)’ is enabled. In the ‘Domain/user name’ box type in the your email address. It should look something like this:
  7. You may be asked for Remote security administration, simply tap OK
  8. Then select what Sync options you would like. Normally the default settings are fine but you can refine them to your needs specifying how often your emails and calendar are synced.
  9. And finally type in an account name.


  1. First of all, navigate to your settings
  2. Then find the tab that is titled Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  3. From there you tap on Add Account
  4. You then get asked what account type you have, select Exchange
  5. After this type in your email and password, set a description that easily depicts what the email account is
  6. After you have done this another page will appear asking for the server, in the box provided type in, with in the Username and Password fields type in your Email and Password
  7. After you select Next you are done
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By on October 5th, 2015