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Keeping your data safe is imperative for most organisations, people say ‘you can never have enough backups’ and that maybe a little cliché however it really is genuinely a good ethos to adapt if you are concerned about data loss. Here at VooServers we use R1soft’s CDP as it gives us the flexibility and customisation needed to ensure we have everything backed up and stored in one centralised location.

There are three fundamental parts to CDP server, the server, the disk safe and the policy. Adding the server is a relatively painless task, it’s simply a matter of installing a small agent on the destination server (compatible with Linux, Windows amongst others), add a key to allow the two servers to authenticate and your all set.

communicating with agent

Creating the disk safe is just as simple and allows you the flexibly of adding either a single disk, multiple disks, or automatically add all disks to the server. This is obviously quite handy if you are regularly adding new disks to a system as it saves a lot of administrative time.

The final and most crucial part of the procedure is adding and configuring the policies. This is where R1soft shines, simply select the server, select the disk safe and then customise the policy exactly how you want it. For instance you can set the backup frequency to daily, hourly, minutely and then set the amount of recovery points to how many days’ worth of backups you require. To give you an example if you backed up a server every hour and you wanted to hold the data for a month, you would set 744 recovery points (24 in a day X 31 days in a month). This allows you to restore from 744 different points in time over the space of a month, giving you ultimate flexibility, of course you can back up/retain more frequently if you prefer.

Other than the scheduling and retention periods, there are further customisations that can be made, for instance you can exclude certain files/directories from backups, you can backup individual databases via MySql/SQL add-ons, there is also an add-on to backup all Exchange instances or Cpanel accounts.

edit policy

Let’s take a typical case study, you have a multiple user Cpanel server with a dozen or so SQL databases. A user makes an error and corrupts his SQL database, taking his website offline potentially losing revenue. With R1soft CDP we can simply select a restore point (usually a few moments before the error has been made), find the correct database, click restore and the database will be back to a working state within minutes! With this type of backup power at our disposal we can feel confident in the knowledge that any mistake can be put right with just a couple of clicks!

files restore summary

By on January 23rd, 2015