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GPU-accelerated computing combines the GPU and CPU components, which together can then be used for a host of applications. GPU accelerators are now more frequently used in datacentres in high profile companies as well as universities, technical/medical laboratories and can also be useful for smaller companies and medium sized businesses. These GPU’s can also be used to accelerate applications for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and a range of automobiles.

By combining the CPU and GPU, there is less workload on a system which only uses (or primarily uses) the CPU for running its application. To the user this ultimately translates to improved performance across a wide range of applications.

VooServers is now offering a variety of dedicated graphics processing servers. GPU’s compliment your CPU and can offer more graphics horsepower, supporting a wider array of environments including those that are fully virtualised. These options can help you access 3D applications and can add highly sophisticated computational processes. GPU’s have the ability to take the load off of the CPU to give optimum performance for your business needs.

NVidia GeForce Series (GTX 970)

Mostly used for personal gaming computers, GeForce cards can also be used to run less intensive graphic applications and support basic computational requirements. This package provides an excellent option for those on a budget.


  • Maxwell Architecture means strong performance while remaining power efficient
  • 1644 CUDA Cores
  • 4GB DDR5 Memory
  • Dynamic Super Resolution – provides accurate 4K picture quality to a 1080p screen
  • G-Sync – minimises input lag by synchronising frame rate to monitor.
  • DirectX 12
  • Virtual Reality ready
  • 5120×3200 maximum resolution

NVidia Tesla Series (K80)

The Tesla series provides serious computational power, and power some of the worlds quickest supercomputers. These cards focus fully on computational power and do not come with video output capability that the Quadro and GeForce series support.


  • Enterprise level computing performance – increase the power of your graphics cards and provides the ability to create brand new pioneering applications.
  • Dual GPU power
  • Up to four Tesla Cards can be combined for ultimate performance across multiple applications/ computing, and these multiple setups can be configured in 1 unit form factor chassis for extreme power within absolute minimal physical space.
  • Super quiet design only adds to the list of benefits.
  • Multi-threaded architecture
  • 24GB DDR5 Memory (12 per GPU)
  • 8.74 teraflops of single-precision performance

NVidia Quadro (K4200)

Quadro GPU’s are workstation cards that are more appropriate for running specific applications for which they are geared and engineered towards. The target consumer is usually those that require graphic intensive applications such as AUTOCAD, 3D drawing and video editing. The Quadro is a modified GeForce product which excels in mathematical calculations and includes professional driver releases.


  • Single slot form
  • Multiple GPU support
  • Multiple monitor support
  • 4GB DDR5 Memory, 256 bit interface
  • 1344 CUDA Cores
  • Parallel computing capabilities for greater processing power
  • Professional 3D support
  • Ultra-quiet cooling
  • NVidia Scalable Geometry Engine allowing complex work with models and scenes

NVidia Grid (K2)

Grid allows staff access to PC graphics with high performance thanks to the dedicated graphics horsepower, rather than the CPU bearing the full load of your applications within your virtualised environments including desktops and remote workstations.


  • Two high end Kepler Units
  • 4GB DDR5 Memory per GPU
  • Designed to accelerate graphics in virtual workstation and desktop setups
  • ECC or Non-ECC Memory modes can be configured
  • Supports multiple GPU and displays
  • Power efficient
  • Diverse Virtualisation – Citrix, Microsoft VMware and more.
  • Low latency remote display
  • Hardware virtualisation of GPU allowing multiple users
  • H.264 Encoding allows
  • Built for round the clock use
  • Use your applications anywhere and anytime

To find out more about our new GPU servers, you can click here to see our pre-made packages, or for tailor made solutions that are not on the website, please contact our staff via or telephone (01622) 524200 and ask for Sales.

By on September 2nd, 2016