Email Round-Trip Monitoring

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Emails are an essential part of day to day business and are relied upon heavily not only for communication but also for numerous other purposes such as marketing. It is due to this reliance that it is essential to be able to verify that your emails are being sent and received and this is exactly what email round-trip monitoring provides – a real world test that will confirm that your email communications are operating correctly.

Utilising email round-trip monitoring allows you to not only confirm your emails are being sent and received correctly but also to test and confirm other mechanisms that are vital to email deliverability, such as:

  • Confirming DNS MX records are correct
  • Mail server internet connectivity
  • Confirm email is flowing through spam and anti-virus filtering service correctly
  • Firewall configuration
  • Domain registration

How it Works

The basic idea behind ERT monitoring is for emails to pass through the specified mail server of which you’re testing and then back to the monitoring servers. This is achieved by sending emails from dedicated ERT monitoring servers at a specified interval (5,10,15,30 or 60 minutes) to a nominated test address. However, for this to be a true test of end to end deliverability, confirmation that the email was received, processed and delivered to the destination mailbox is required. Therefore, the mail server must acknowledge receipt of the test email by replying, this is commonly done by setting up automatic replies, forwarding or redirection of emails received from the monitoring servers. Once the monitoring servers have received a response, an analysis is performed which will provide details whether the email has had a successful round trip or whether there were any issues. If there are any failures and the monitoring servers haven’t received a reply back from the mail server then a notification is sent out.

At VooServers we utilise ERT monitoring to ensure reliable deliverability on all of our hosted email services, allowing our customers to have peace of mind knowing their emails are monitored 24/7. If you have any questions regarding ERT monitoring call us on 0800 0803 200

By on June 6th, 2016