High Performance and Highly Resilient Virtual SAN with OnApp

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With the growing demand for cloud services, investing in high performance and highly available storage has become more important than ever and traditionally it comes at a high cost. Here at VooServers we are now working as an OnApp partner to deliver a fully SSD based storage network to our clients using existing hardware at a fraction of the cost of a traditional redundant SAN configuration.

OnApp and its integrated storage option inserts a storage layer between the hyper-visor and its guest virtual machines to virtualise the storage. Each disk is treated independently with its own I/O queue so there is no single point where bandwidth bottlenecks can occur. Across multiple 10Gbit connections between nodes the storage layer replicates its local data to other hyper-visors in the same network building a storage mesh to offer high resiliency with real world disk performance figures of over 700MB/s.

The virtual SAN model provided by OnApp Integrated Storage also allows us to infinitely expand our disk arrays and provision extra storage in a matter of minutes. No longer are we waiting for vendor specific disk shelves or controllers to be delivered. If you want extra storage we already have it as it’s built around standard server components and stocked by us as standard.

Building our cloud services on this integrated storage model we can offer services without a single point of failure at a fraction of the cost and without compromise. Whether you are looking for public, private or hybrid cloud services VooServers are able to build your services around the integrated storage model allowing you to have what you want, where you want and when you want.

You can read more about integrated storage via OnApp’s Integrated Storage Datasheet.

By on January 28th, 2015