How Automation within CRM can help your Company

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become a busy market in recent years, with offerings spanning from freeware 3rd parties, all the way up to Enterprise level systems. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the strongest products within this software sector to date, and we’re proud to be able to offer fully managed deployments for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 & 2013.


We firmly believe that the automation features brought to the table by Dynamics CRM can help your company’s efficiency and work throughput. Since CRM 4.0 in 2007/08, Workflows, Dialogs and Reports have been a constant area of focused development, and are now more efficient than ever at helping you and your business out.

Behind the scenes, Workflows can quietly wait for a set event to occur, or a date to roll past before putting into action a vast array of commands designed to manipulate data from varying parts of your business on CRM. Dialogs can contain much the same commands but come into their own if user input is required to decide the outcome of certain commands

These actions can be as simple as needing to send out emails to members of your team when a record is resolved, or can be as involved as dynamically creating completely new records in separate entities based off of actions performed on the source record. For example, the big quote that your Sales Team have been working on gets accepted. In a matter of seconds, the relevant parts of the quote are dropped into place in a new deployment task for your Technical Team to plan and roll out. There’s no hand-typed emails between colleagues, prone to typing errors and often missing vital employees off of that CC: list, and no worry about having to give the Technical Team access to the Sales department to view the Quote details. Just fast, secure and efficient automation.

Using the same example, on successful service deployment, the Technical Team complete a pre-set up Dialog, confirming that the Clients service is live. Backend processes spring into action and automatically update the customers profile with the relevant access details, and send out a pre-written, customised Welcome Email. There’s no worrying about if your Technical Team have emailed the Client or not, no wasted time typing out Client Access Details which are prone to error.

Yet another way that Dynamics CRM can assist your Company is to offer solutions, or carry out tasks automatically to certain situations. A support desk, for example, may receive support requests for common tasks. With integration tools, we can have CRM action commands on servers and manage external processes, all automatically. Removing the element of human error in tasks that are undertaken on a regular occurrence.

To summarise. Using automation tools within Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 can massively help your company. Not only will it decrease the level of user input required at almost all stages, but it will also increase the accuracy of any data that is used in more than one location. In addition to this, automation can enable entire departments to become more proactive in scenarios rather than reactive, especially useful if situations are repeated on a day to day basis.

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By on January 16th, 2015