Improving Email Spam Transparency & Why This Is Important to you as a Hosted ISP/ESP

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As an Internet or Email Service Provider, one of your biggest tripping points will be spam output levels coupled with spam filtering efficiency at your outboard relays. High spam levels will lead to poor individual IP or network block reputation, something that could make or break your service levels to customers.

Here at VooServers we’ve taken many steps to ensure we have the best possible overview of our email and spam throughput at all times, with measures put in place to provide advanced warning to any large scale spam outbreak

As an Email Service Provider or ISP it should be high on your priority list to gain a comprehensive overview of your clients outbound email behaviours. Email abuse and spam can come in all shapes and sizes from 100-200 emails a day from a dubious mailing list from a questionable Philippines domain, to multiple 100’s of thousands of emails sent overnight from malicious PHP mailer scripts on a hacked webserver.

It goes without saying that sufficient security levels and common sense when accepting orders goes a long way here. Screening certain countries and payment types for example will help to avoid the troublesome clients. And server security measures such as PHP function limitations and correct use of user directory jailing can be used to minimise the chances of succumbing to a web server exploit. But there are always small windows that unscrupulous spammers and scammers can use to gain enough a foothold to do some real damage. Your efficiency in being able to monitor the state of outbound mail relay queues is what will really help you in these situations.

Improving Image Spam

At VooServers, we have developed several small scripts/applications to be able to equip our technical team with enough of an edge to be able to respond quickly to spam outbreaks. This includes checks that run every 3 minutes on each of our webservers, checks that run every 3 minutes on our outbound mail relays and a custom built CLI application that can be executed on any Linux host running an Exim MTA to manage and view the mail queue without having to remember and correctly type in-depth Exim commands. Quick response and ease of use is key here, and anything that can increase the speed of your teams’ response

See our Checks and Application code in our post HERE

By on February 10th, 2015