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VooServers carefully selected our cloud technology partner to ensure that we could offer a vast feature set on a highly performing and highly manageable cloud. Through this evaluation process one of the key elements was being able to provide a platform which could be managed from any device and from anywhere. As part of this requirement we’re excited to announce and preview the ability to control our cloud services from a mobile app in addition to the web based control panel also conforming to responsive web design standards.

Using the mobile app it is possible to control almost all elements of our public, private and hybrid cloud solutions including virtual machine reboots, resource resizing and even operating system re-installs. We see these functions as vital to I.T. managers and infrastructure operators particularly in small and medium businesses where they need to be able to deploy and control cloud resources whilst away from their normal place of work to satisfy the needs of the business.

The app is routinely maintained and regularly updated by our cloud technology partner, OnApp, who are committed to providing a cloud management platform which can compete with hyper-scale cloud providers. New features are regularly released to the platform to offer a growing number of complementary cloud services such as load balancers, content distribution networks and containers and we expect a release of this into the mobile app as well. Where the app does not contain the feature the web based control panel has also been designed to be responsive and offers a full feature set for mobile devices where required.

The app is available freely on the iOS and Google play store via the links below and can control any of our cloud services based in our UK, Frankfurt or NYC locations. If you require any help installing or configuring the app or if you would like a demo of our cloud services please contact or call us on 01622 524 200.

Download the iOS App
Download the Android App

By on December 10th, 2014