Is It Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server?

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Not every business or organisation needs a dedicated server from the outset. As businesses grow, so does the amount of data that they require to be stored, their client base, potential customers and staff grows, as well as traffic to the companies, to the website and queries to their database. Even though a virtual server might be capable of running a business’s solution at first, you might find yourself looking at a larger dedicated solution to handle the increasing demands of your company.

So, when can you tell if its time to upgrade to a dedicated server? Here are some signs to indicate that you may need to upgrade:

  • Data: If you are hosting your data on a VPS you may find that over time, as your business grows, so does the amount of data that you require to be stored. Virtual Private Servers can struggle to deal with large amounts of data due to their limitations on disk space and IOPS. This can lead to slow performance of the entire VPS so any other services you have running on the server will also be affected.
  • Slow Performance: When your Virtual Server starts to slow down you have to start to consider if this is hindering your company’s workflow. Are you finding that it is taking longer for applications to run tasks, then you should start to weigh up the costs and then see if the costs of upgrading to a dedicated server outweigh those of the virtual server that you already have. Over time this can save your business money and time.
  • No Room to Grow: As you grow your business you may find that you need to add new applications or tools to your server. Due to Virtual Private Servers being on a shared environment the amount of RAM and disk space you receive is generally quite low, limiting what software you can run on your VPS and restricting your growth.
  • Changing Requirements: Over time you may find that your business requirements change, this could be from business processes to more staff, customers etc. which normally requires additional software or a change in the software used. Some software may include a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which can cater for businesses with many customers and employees but does require a more dedicated solution.
    • Regulatory Requirements: As some businesses grow they sometimes find that they are required to follow some regulatory requirements or they may take on some customers that have these requirements. Regulatory requirements will be a lot easier to adhere to with a Dedicated Server than a VPS.

As you can see from what I have laid out above, the main reason for you to upgrade is due to the growth or expansion of your company. When companies grow they normally adopt new systems and software to cater to their needs. A must for most companies is to have a dedicated email (Hosted Exchange) and shared files solution (Microsoft SharePoint), even though a Virtual Server can provide this to a point, you are still limited in how much data can be stored. Dedicated servers can provide you with more space to host data, capable of hosting more users’ emails and enabling you to run more complex and demanding software.

Software such as Dynamics CRM, Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server require large amounts of disk space and memory to be able to run, especially when you need to store large amounts of data and are aiming to have many employees’ and customer information stored on the system. You may also find that your business may require more specialist software such as Potree, software like this is very demanding and couldn’t be run on a simple Virtual Server.

Dedicated servers aren’t shared amongst other clients either. This allows you to completely customize your server to the requirements of your company, letting you to change SSD’s, HDD’s, RAM and operating system. Here at VooServers we can help you customize your dedicated server to your company’s needs giving you the best solution possible. Dedicated servers also provide enhanced security which is particularly important to businesses that are handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

If you have any Enquiries about upgrading to a Dedicated Server contact us on 0800 0803 200 or email us on, you can also look at some of our standard plans here.

By on February 17th, 2016