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After joining Vinters through an apprenticeship course that allowed him to simultaneously enhance his skills and earn money, Cameron is now employed full-time at Vinters as a First Line Helpdesk Analyst. Taking both pride in his work and joy from helping others, Cameron spends the majority of his days assisting clients and resolving issues to ensure the service they receive is second to none.

Eager to find out more about what it is like to undertake an apprenticeship and work on our IT helpdesk, we asked Cameron to take part in our Meet the Team segment and here’s how it went…

Did you always want to work in IT?

Surprisingly, no. I discovered my interest in IT as I grew up and it wasn’t until my sixth form studies that I realised this was the industry I wanted to forge my career in. I decided to take a one-year IT course at sixth form which gave me an understanding of the fundamentals I’d need to know at an apprenticeship level.

How did you discover the apprenticeship at Vinters?

After I received my sixth form results, I started searching for apprenticeships that were advertised on the .gov website. As I was only 17 and didn’t have a driving licence, finding a local apprenticeship that I could easily commute to was important and Vinters caught my eye as a small company but with opportunities to progress as the company grows, and the fact it was within walking distance of my house was just a bonus. After a bit of research into the company and the role, I decided to apply.

Cameron Judge

Can you tell me a bit more about what your apprenticeship entailed?

I worked closely with a dedicated trainer throughout my apprenticeship. They would frequently send me specialised topics and I had to explain in detail how I applied the skills from these topics in my role. Alongside this, I also had to complete a series of one or two-week courses that each ended with an exam and produce accompanying coursework. I then had to do a final project within the timeframe of one week and partake in a one-to-one interview before transitioning into my full-time position.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering an apprenticeship?

My advice for anyone considering an apprenticeship would be to really do your research before deciding on what kind of career you want and where you are happy to work geographically. Once you have decided on this, it’s then a good idea to research companies within the area you are willing to commute to and keep an eye on the .gov site for new apprenticeship roles.

Why do you think apprenticeships are important?

Apprenticeships offer a unique way of studying where you can gain real work experience and get paid at the same time, which has been very beneficial to me. They also allow you to get additional support from industry experts during your studies. As I had never had a job before, I didn’t really know what working full-time would be like and I found that, with my apprenticeship, I was eased into full-time employment. I felt assured from the very beginning that Vinters would support the learning side of my apprenticeship as well, which gave me a lot of confidence in undertaking my training here.

What does your role as a First Line Helpdesk Analyst involve?

I provide assistance on the helpdesk which means that I am the first point of contact when a client gets in touch with us for support. This involves talking to clients over the phone or via our CRM portal to help them resolve their IT issues in a timely manner. The majority of these cases usually include computer or hardware troubleshooting, helping someone with any email issues, or fixing servers to ensure they are offline for as little time as possible.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really love the feeling that I get when I come off the phone with a client that I have just helped fix a problem that have been preventing them from working. It’s a real confidence boost when the client shows their appreciation in a reply to close a support case and it fills me with a sense of pride in my work.

How many cases do you deal with each day and how do you effectively deal with them remotely?

The number of cases I deal with fluctuates each day, but around 10 – 15 on average. By remotely accessing the user’s machine, we are able to see what they are seeing and get a clearer picture of what needs resolving. This is especially useful if the client is not very technically savvy, as we can understand from a first-hand perspective what the problem is and resolve it quickly and easily. Whilst we are not physically with the client, they can give us access to their PC or laptop so that we can take over, investigate, and fix any issues that they come across.

How often is your advice to “turn it off and on again”?

Contrary to popular belief, we very rarely use “turn it off and on again” as a solution to issues that come through the support desk. Thanks to the insight that our remote access grants us, we are usually able to provide or apply an informed and correct fix, getting the job done properly without them having to close all their work to restart their machine.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months?

I would like to continue learning and improving in my role at Vinters, gaining further experience and know-how that will allow me to assist more of our clients and progress in my career. I would also like to learn and gain experience in Linux and work my way towards being able to take on more networking tasks. Furthermore gaining qualifications in both Linux and advanced networking alongside experience will help me grow and progress as an engineer.

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By on December 1st, 2021