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Having joined the Vinters team in November 2020, Charlie Harris has got stuck into her role as Senior Business Development Manager. She has a wealth of experience having worked in account management for over 13 years, but has now turned her attention to the IT industry. Her passion for building lasting client relations and finding the best possible solutions plays a vital role in maintaining Vinters’ signature customer service.

In the latest interview in our Meet the Team series, Charlie shares how she’s adapted to the IT industry, what a typical day in her role looks like and her goals for 2021.

You joined Vinters in November 2020, how have you found your first few months?

When I first came for an interview in September 2020, I left hoping I would get a chance to work for the Vinters team. You instantly get a feeling for a company when you go for an interview and when I received the job offer I knew it was the right move for me.

After a few months on the job, I am in complete awe of the team’s knowledge and expertise. Everyone is always happy to jump on a call to answer queries and suggest quick solutions to ensure continuity, data security and availability for our clients.

Your previous role was in the travel industry, how did you adapt to working in the IT industry?

Before joining Vinters I worked in the travel industry as a Senior Partnership Manager where I was responsible for all airline partnerships. This role allowed me to gain a variety of skills to support me on my move into the IT industry.

A previous mentor of mine gave me some great advice before I joined which was to do what you have always done regardless of the industry. This advice has served me well as I continue to learn and utilise my previous experiences to suit my new role.

Charlie Harris - Business Development Manager

What challenges have you faced coming into a new industry?

The biggest challenge since joining the IT industry is how vast the spectrum is for products, services, and solutions. It is a continuous learning curve and one that changes rapidly. My knowledge gaps are filled with online learning, product hubs and a great support network from my colleagues who are experts in their fields.

I recently completed the Veeam sales training course and became a Certified sales professional in January 2021. Veeam is a modern backup, restore and replication solution we offer to clients.

What does your role as Senior Business Development Manager involve?

As Senior Business Development Manager, I cover a multitude of disciplines, I like to call it a “jack of all trades” role! There is an expectation to have a good understanding of all aspects of the business. My focus is creating an end-to-end user experience for Vinters clients from existing to new by generating traffic through marketing activities, creating new business opportunities, account management, recommending new products, maintaining great relationships, contracting and analytical reporting.

What does a typical day at Vinters look like?

The best thing about Vinters is that no two days are the same, requirements for clients vary each day and so can the workload. I support our existing clients by ensuring they have the best technology available to them and their business. I also provide quotations and build sales proposals for new clients. It is extremely important to assess key service data and present this back to clients to ensure they are able to make informed choices.

I work closely with our technical projects team to review existing infrastructure and services on offer to clients and explore new technology to enhance this area. I also liaise with the marketing team to produce interesting articles and content for our customers to stay updated.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The diversity of the work is fantastic, but mostly I enjoy working on projects collaboratively with the team. It’s refreshing to work for a company where every single person has a leading role in the client relationship, and we can all make that customer experience a positive one.

What do you think makes Vinters unique?

The skill set of our team is incredible, after only a few phone calls with our customers I can see how important Vinters’ team of support engineers are to their businesses, and how much they respect them. The teams’ calm and reactive approach to issues is admirable and it remains consistent with each client.

I have 100% confidence in the Vinters team abilities and although I do not have much experience of other IT companies, I can’t imagine I’d come across a team like this again! It is a unique place to work and I’m lucky to be apart of it.

What are your goals for 2021?

In 2021 my goals are simply to grow the Vinters brand and build great, long-lasting relationships with new and existing clients. It would be fantastic to maybe even meet a few in person! I want to continue working on my product knowledge and achieve more success through accreditation and certifications on Microsoft and our popular Oracle services. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me at Vinters and I truly believe the possibilities are endless!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this interview and if you’d like to connect with Charlie on LinkedIn, you can do so here. Our next interview will be with our Technical Director, Matt Parkinson, who will be talking about company growth at Vinters and our exciting plans for 2021.

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By on March 19th, 2021