Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Day 3

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Day 3 of Microsoft Ignite 2019 has been and gone and we’re now over halfway through the annual I.T. pro conference. Lots of information has been had but there is still plenty more to come plus the highly anticipated attendee celebration party tomorrow but first a round-up of today’s events!

Day 3 was packed full of information on security and compliance as well as the Power suite with things starting off with a session covering the changes in Microsoft Secure Score. This session was quick to make an impact with important statistics such as that 93% of breaches could be stopped with just basic measures but did also recognise that cyber hygiene is hard to maintain due to an ever-changing landscape.

It’s also important to note that 99% of all attempted breaches are stopped however that remaining 1% is still a significant amount of breaches when considered in a global scale. We also have to remember that as professionals responsible for security systems we have to aim to be successful 100% of the time whereas an attacker only has to succeed once so the odds are stacked against us.

It’s these heavily stacked odds that Microsoft Secure score aims to help with, a service which was first introduced around 2 years ago and has just gone into a new preview phase with several advancements and a new interface. These advancements aim to make secure score simpler and more tailored to each tenant by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to highlight the most important security changes to make for that tenant.

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Microsoft see secure score as such an important tool in managing the threat landscape that they are also working on making it extensible so that third party providers can also bring their own recommendations for their own applications into secure score to provide a single pane of glass for an entire organisations security health.

Further on in the day we heard more about security in relation to Microsoft’s unified endpoint security management tools which aim to bridge the differences between SecOps and I.T. Admins to allow them to work more closely to achieve a more secure environment. In this session they also highlighted that Microsoft Defender ATP can replace traditional AV providers and is now one of the leading endpoint protection options in Gartner’s magic quadrant. Combining this with their ability to adapt the Windows operating system and now providing defender as a built-in option it’s staring to look like it should become the go-to option for endpoint defence.

Microsoft have also developed a new feature for Windows in tamper protection which allows global administrators to set policies with a protected payload that prevents local administrators from disabling Microsoft Defender which can be a common source of unprotected devices and potential cyber breach targets.

Last for the day were several sessions on various parts of the power suite but primarily Power BI and Microsoft Flow which has now been re-branded as Power Automate. These tools are essential in helping organisations and individuals to achieve more which is part of Microsoft’s mission statement.

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Power BI and Power Automate have been around for some time however Microsoft are making efforts to make the tools more useful than ever and more accessible to a wider user base by making many functions no code and wysiwyg editor based. The aim is to allow anybody that wants to automate tasks able to do so or to allow them to extract value from a data set and tell a story with it. The PowerBI sessions were quick to demonstrate how much you could do with just a few clicks and you can view this brief 20 minute session as an introduction to Power BI below once the content has been uploaded.

That’s it for today’s round-up and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading everything from the week so far but we’ll be back tomorrow to cover the last full day of sessions.

By on November 7th, 2019