Microsoft Lync and Dynamics CRM Integration

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VooServers have a long history of providing both Microsoft Lync and Dynamics CRM and we have now used our expertise in both areas to introduce a close knit integration for caller identification and call handling.

When a call is received the application will perform a query against a Microsoft Dynamics CRM server using the service API’s. This query looks for any accounts or contacts held in CRM that match the incoming phone number and will then load the contact or account into the application window.

The application will display key details regarding the company or person and provide short-cuts to key functions for handling their call. The last few cases will be displayed allowing the phone operator to jump to the case in CRM to view the details and even add the time spent on the call and notes to the case from within the application window. Should the call not be relating to an existing case a new case can also be created from within the application and upon submission the operator will then be taken to the new case directly in CRM where the phone call including the time spent on the call and the associated notes are created as a phone call entry under the activities section.

We are currently at release version 1.2 which has now been made public and in the coming months we intend to add more features to the existing windows as well as a separate sales user configuration which will display opportunities, leads and quotes instead of cases.

Integration is not only limited to Dynamics CRM and is also available for Dynamics GP, NAV and AX. We can also fully customise the application to suit your business requirements.

If you are interested in implementing our integration software either with a hosted system from VooServers or an on-premise installation please contact us on 01622 524 200 or e-mail us at and we will be happy to help. Pricing starts from as little as £190.

By on December 23rd, 2014