#MSIgnite2019 – Modern Exchange Admin & Migration Experience

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The 2nd full day at Microsoft Ignite saw a host of announcements and information surrounding Exchange Online and Microsoft’s new “modern” Exchange Admin Experience.

New EXO Exchange Online Cmdlets

Coming to GA soon is a collectoin of newly developed Exchange Online Powershell cmdlet’s (EXO). From the ground up built to exceed previous cmdlet performance several times over and streamline the work of the exchange admin staff. The new cmdlet’s see a 4-8x increase in execution efficiency, live demos at the Orange County Conference Center saw the cdlet’s process 10k Get-Mailbox requests un inder 1minute.


EAC Design & Efficiency Overhaul

The current EAC layout is both praised and loathed in equal amounts. But today Microsoft annonced a new version, poised to address some of the long standing gripes of the current EAC.
– Actions for managing, creating and modifying user and shaed mailboxes have now been merged into a single easy to use action panel.
– Properties for mailboxes are now even easier to view in an instant, simply clicking on any user mailbox, equipment mailbox, or room mailbox will slide out its properties pane in the same view.
– The ability to bulk update mailboxes, of any type, has been imprived and made faster.
– All mailbox lists are now able to be filtered on the fly, without reloading pages. Adding to the user experience and creating more efficient workflows.


G-Suite Migration Wizards Come To EAC

A key addition to the new modern EAC experience is the ability to connect to a G-Suite tenant and initiate a mailbox migration inbound into your Exchange Tenant. Not only does this seemlessly migrate and import the remote mailbox, but also caters effortlessly to importing the rmeote G-Suite accounts contacts and calendar items in the onboarding operation.

In previous versions, this utilised the Google IMPA connector, and was subject to a 2Gb per day rate limit when onboarding, something that was a killer to bringing in larger G-Suite clients to your Exchange tenant. In the new modern Exchange Admin experience, Exchange Migration wizard makes use of the G-Suite REST API to ake mailbox and user data calls to, thus bypassing the 2Gb daily limit. This breathes new life into G-Suite client onboarding opportunities.

Anothre massive improvement is the departure from the dated use of username/password to migrate G-Suite accounts into Exchange. Now, we make use of the API in G-Suite and generate a pre-auth’d JSON token file, the token file is securely uploaded to Exchange Migration Wizard for authenticaton into G-Suite.

To top it all off? All of this is bundled into a seamless GUI wizard, with minimal user input, a few next, next, next’s and super fast G-Suite inbound migration is possible.

By on November 6th, 2019