Outlook 2016 for Mac – What’s new?

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Outlook 2016 and Office 2016 for Mac has given a whole host of applications a brand new breath of fresh air from the old and outdated 2010 versions. This update has brought the entire range of applications back up to date with a brand new sleeker and unified look. Apart from this there have been many updates to Outlook that can dramatically improve your workflow.

Microsoft are boasting some new major features to the application. First and most importantly, they have now added push email support, meaning that your emails automatically arrive in your inbox without you needing to check for them. This feature can dramatically improve your workflow especially when you can’t afford to miss a single email even if it is only by a couple of minutes.

They have also now added the first line of every email under the subject line in the message list, giving you a better grasp of what the email is really about. This can be of great use to business users, especially directors or managers, as you can quickly sort through your emails: flagging ones to come back to, deciding if you can send it on to someone else and whether or not it needs to be dealt with straight away. As well as this they have now included a new conversation view, this view can be sorted into different forms for example sorting by thread.

Outlook 2016 for Mac

The application now has the capability to create custom signatures. Outlook 2016 now automatically syncs your category names and colours across all platforms and allows you to archive messages online to save space in your email account.

Outlook has always been an application primarily for the use of Exchange accounts and with this update I feel that it has really brought it up to par with the Windows application, seamlessly linking together my emails, calendars and contacts. Exchange email accounts are very simple to set up as you only need to type in your email and password. If you don’t have an Exchange account, for example Gmail, there is a much longer process that you need to undertake to get your email account set up, inputting server names, port numbers and so forth. There are a lot of users that are now wanting to use Outlook for other email accounts and Windows have now come back and said that they are going to try and make it easier to set up other email accounts.

As a Mac and Outlook user myself, I feel as if the application is a lot more suited and maximised for Mac and really has brought it up to par with the Windows application. The fact that you can work seamlessly between the two platforms is a big improvement with any changes that you have made on either being instantly seen on the other.

All in all, I would say the update to Outlook 2016 was a good choice, with the speediness of getting my emails and the new easy to navigate design, I feel like my workflow has definitely benefitted. Being a Mac user no longer restricts part of my workflow especially when using Windows applications.

By on September 22nd, 2015