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5 GDPR Essentials for Small Businesses

25 October, 2021

GDPR compliance for small businesses can seem like a maze – but with a solid foundational understanding and a plan in place, it’s a maze you can easily navigate.

In this blog, we’ll run through 5 essential considerations, from awareness to policy reviews, to help simplify GDPR compliance.

By    -   Compliance Manager

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Cloud vs Dedicated Servers – Which one is right for you?

15 October, 2021

As a site owner, you might be wondering whether to opt for the cloud or a dedicated server. Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade, or perhaps you’re completely new to the game. In any case, at this point, it’s important to assess your requirements.

By    -   Lead Preventative Maintenance Engineer

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Meet the Team – Sam Whitear, Business Administrator

6 October, 2021

With a diverse career spanning over 30 years and a range of sectors, Samantha Whitear now brings her expertise, skills, and charisma to her role as Business Administrator at Vinters.

In our most recent ‘Meet the Team’ interview Sam tells us all about her career and her day-to-day tasks at Vinters.

By    -   Business Administrator

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The Future of Cybersecurity

27 September, 2021

As we often use technology without thinking about it, the future of cybersecurity isn’t just about protecting our laptops from cybercriminals, but about protecting our data and information, wherever it is.

So lets take a look at some of the trends in cybersecurity and what we can expect going forwards.

By    -   Operations Manager

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Vinters Company Newsletter | Summer 2021

3 September, 2021

We’ve seen a significant growth in our staff base, increased technology partnerships and new products and services being launched into our range to aid clients in the changes they are making and their overall digital transformation strategies.

Find out everything we have been up to so far in 2021 in our latest newsletter.

By    -   Web & Marketing Strategist

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How To: Fix “Packet to client reached max retries, removing the client” – Cisco Aironet AP 1142

1 September, 2021

Clients in low signal areas or at great distances from the AP would experience constant disconnects and WPA2 rekeys. Learn how to fix “Packet to client reached mx retires, removing the client” on all Cisco 1140, 1200, 2800 and 3800 series.

By    -   Head of Technical Projects

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