The Importance of Server Location in Todays Online Environment & Why we Chose Our 3 Datacentre Locations

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The importance of server location..

With stronger links in network transport, and high speed travel more available, having servers deployed in multiple geographical locations is now easier than ever. With that in mind, you could ask why you might need a server somewhere other than where you are personally based?

The primary reason a server is located in a specific physical location is due to latency. Latency can be defined as the amount of time it takes for you in one location to send a request to the remote server, and receive a valid response back from it. A lower latency means it takes less time for that request to bounce back from the server, and can be translated very literally into how quickly a server can respond to requests and serve content. As you can probably tell, having as lower latency as possible is not only desirable, but in some cases it’s a requirement. Custom backend systems and VoIP systems for example, rely very heavily on low latency connections to avoid data-loss or voice-garble on data or digital voice communications. The main way to reduce the latency, is to lower the number of device hops between the user and the server. The less physical hops, the lower the latency should be. A shorter physical distance to where the server is located, means less hops. If your users are located in Germany for example, it may be best to position your server in a Germany-based datacentre, even though you as the administrator may very well be based in the US or the UK

Another key reason why geographical server location might be important is that of SEO, and localised results or biasing. If you are targeting a product or service at a certain geographical demographic, key search engines such as Google and Bing will add considerable weight to your listings in certain areas if the content being served is physically located in the same area (or at least the same country).

Our Datacentres..

We have datacentres in the US (New York), Germany (Frankfurt) and in the UK (Kent). These locations were chosen primarily for their strong global core network links. Overall speed and availability of interconnects to different transit providers are the main reasons for us creating our point of presence in these countries.

We perfectly placed to sculpt and provide extremely low latency routes for clients in most of mainland Europe, through the use of our Frankfurt presence, but also through the use of dedicated Layer 2 links between our UK and US facilities means we can offer extremely direct and efficient routes across the Atlantic Ocean. This lends itself very nicely to failover applications, something we pride ourselves on providing to clients.

With the technical talk out of the way, we also chose these locations as they are nicely spaced out geographically. We can provide services locally to many areas of the globe, and due to the physical distance between them all, even in the event of a nationwide network connectivity problem, only a small part of our network would ever be affected.

If you would like more information on geographical failover or other services in any of our facility locations, please Contact Us.

By on March 17th, 2015