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Introduction from Matt Parkinson

Welcome to our Summer 2021 Newsletter

Whilst the short Summer season is drawing to a close, we’ve welcomed the sense of normality that has returned during these warmer months. The past year and a half has certainly thrown some challenges our way, but we’ve viewed each obstacle as an opportunity to grow and learn.

With digital transformations on the rise, demand for our services has increased and we’ve taken steps to update and expand our infrastructure, allowing us to continue providing excellent service to our clients. As part of this project, the fibre routes from our Maidstone HQ to London have now been completed, paving the way for connections to hyper-scale cloud environments.

Further to this, we’re now six months into our exciting partnership with Veeam which has been hugely successful. We’ve been impressed with the efficiency and modernity of this backup software which has increased reliability for both us and our clients.

The last year has also seen us venture into uncharted waters, providing IT support to the television industry at Maidstone Studios. This has been a new and exciting opportunity for the Vinters team and one that we proudly welcomed.

More recently, I’ve taken part in our ‘Meet the Team’ segment, allowing you to get to know more about me and my vision for Vinters. You can read the full entry here.

If you’d like to get in touch with one of our team, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01622 524200 or email

Matt Parkinson, Technical Director

Vinters IT Fibre Routes

Fibre Routes

The impressive fibre route installations from our Maidstone HQ Data Centre to Telehouse North and Sovereign House in Docklands, East London have been completed and are now live. Transferring our existing connections has given our network capacity a significant boost, allowing us to integrate more internet exchanges and connect to hyper-scale public providers through the likes of Azure Express Route and AWS Direct Connect.

In addition to this essential update, we will soon be establishing a greater volume of peering exchanges to expand our current LINX and NYIIX presence and introducing some tier 1 bandwidth providers directly to our own network, enabling us to enhance our services to clients.

Veeam Pro Partner Logo

  1. Veeam provides a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing your data.
  2. Veeam is open and compliments a broad ecosystem of partners to easily intergrate our solution into any customer environment.
  3. Veeam is software-defined and hardware agnostic providing the ultimate in best-in-class solutions and customer flexibility.
  4. Veeam provides a simple, flexible and reliable Backup so our customers can go beyond and focus on their business.

Six Months with Veeam

As demand for our backup system grew during the height of the global pandemic in 2020, it became apparent that we needed a far more reliable and better supported software solution. Our search for a new partner led us to Veeam, a company offering modern data protection and unparalleled efficiency with a promising strapline of “it just works”.

It was clear that Veeam was the solution and, after a smooth 3-month transition period, our partnership was completed in January 2021. Since then, we have seen huge success in this product for both ourselves and our clients. Despite increased expenditure, we are saving money and time in the long run due to the efficiency of Veeam backup software. You can learn more about our partnership with Veeam by reading our blog post here.

Working with Maidstone Studios

Throughout the last year and the challenges of the pandemic, we have branched out into a new area of work and have been able to proudly provide the Maidstone Studios with IT support. Whilst Maidstone Studios has been the location of our headquarters since 2012, this is a new and exciting experience for us. Supporting the TV industry has been an incredibly enjoyable time for our team who have provided support during the filming of the Euros, Tour De France and various other game shows on site.

“We recently changed to Vinters for all our IT support and they are professional, quick to react to any situation and a pleasure to work with”

Maidstone Studios Front

Meet the Team Interviews

At Vinters, we know that our team is the driving force behind all that we achieve. It is thanks to the hard work and support of our amazing colleagues that we have recently been able to celebrate 15 years of business. In 2021, we started our ‘Meet the Team’ blog series which allows us to showcase the fantastic faces behind our company so you can get to know us more.

CEO and Technical Director, Matt Parkinson

In our most recent additions to this series, we interviewed our CEO and Technical Director, Matt Parkinson. Having founded Vinters in October 2005 at the young age of 16, Matt recalls his ambitions 15 years ago and looks to the future with spoilers of upcoming projects and what we can expect from the company in 2021.

“There isn’t a typical day here but that’s what I love about it and it’s what’s kept me so interested for the past 15 years! I’m someone who likes to learn hands-on – by dealing with new products and solving problems that we haven’t dealt with before.” – Matt Parkinson, CEO & Technical Director

With plenty of knowledge and experience in industry, Matt also shares some valuable insights with us in the form of his best business advice.

“Learn to recognise when you are in an unproductive mindset so that you can snap out of it and focus on what matters” – Matt Parkinson, CEO & Technical Director

You can get to know more about Matt and his vision for Vinters by reading the full interview here.

Matt Parkinson Interview
Jordan Bradley-Stopps

Web & Marketing Strategist, Jordan Bradley-Stopps

Since joining Vinters in 2017, Jordan has helped to support the company’s expansion through his all-round marketing skills and we discuss with him how his position has evolved over the years. Encouraging brand awareness and growth through digital activity, Jordan tells us about the exciting website revamp project he is working on and shares some of the highlights of his job.

“I’ve always believed that the people you work with can be a real make or break when it comes to job satisfaction. I feel extremely lucky that there’s a really great atmosphere in the Vinters office and we love to have regular work social events.” – Jordan Bradley-Stopps, Web & Marketing Strategist

You can read Jordan’s full interview here.

In our next Meet the Team entries, we will be interviewing our First Line Engineer, Cameron, and our Business Administrator, Sam. You can keep up with the series on our blog.

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