VooServers become an OnApp Service Provider

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VooServers has today become an official OnApp service provider paving the way for a number of new services in 2014 primarily centering around cloud technologies. With the use of OnApp software VooServers are able to build on our extensive network and hardware resources to offer highly available and automated public, private and hybrid cloud services.

Our selection of a cloud technology partner has been made carefully by evaluating various cloud management platforms against a set of criteria defined by our engineer and client requirements. Cloud services are growing rapidly at the moment and we are keen to provide a product which is able to offer similar features with the advantage of having more responsive and personal support over hyper-scale cloud providers.

Alongside public, private and hybrid clouds, VooServers will also be offering the ability to load balance applications across multiple servers and even across data centres. In addition we will be setting up an extensive content distribution network allowing users to make the most of our secure and stable data centres.

Initially services are expected to launch early in 2014 in our primary UK data centre and will then be expanded to Frankfurt and New York later in the year with additional cloud services also being added as features are released by OnApp.

By on September 30th, 2013