VooServers Becomes a LINX Member

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VooServers is pleased to announce that it is now a member of The London Internet Exchange (LINX).  LINX is a foremost Internet Exchange point, and through our partnership we are now able to offer customers an improved service including benefits such as a reduction in network latency and more cost effective bandwidth. Via LINX customers will have the benefit of enhanced geographical connectivity and direct routes that result in improved flexibility and fewer restrictions on our network services. VooServers believes that in LINX we have acquired a partner with high recognition in the industry, and that this in turn shows our willingness to expand our services and adapt to the industry so that our customers receive the most effective service.

If you are interested in peering with AS62217 via LINX please see our record on PeeringDB for further details or e-mail us on tech@vooservers.com

By on July 9th, 2014