Frankfurt Datacentre

Frankfurt Datacentre

Frankfurt is our secondary European site and another key financial district we have a presence in. Frankfurt is also seen as a European connectivity hub with a number of large transit providers and exchanges passing through providing our customers with an excellent choice of low latency connectivity to the rest of the world.

Power at our Frankfurt data centre is provided via two 10kV incomers to a dedicated on-site substation. This provides up to 1600 watts per square metre of technical space with a minimum N+N redundancy from a UPS backed generator. The generators have a minimum of 72 hours of fuel at full load with priority refuelling contracts in place in the event of a prolonged grid power failure.

Air Conditioning:
Our Frankfurt data centre houses 6 chillers providing 11.9MW of cooling in an N+1 configuration. This combined with a diverse chilled water distribution design ensures that cooling is always available and delivered at the correct temperature to meet industry standards. Close control units are also in operation and provide conditioned air to the technical spaces precisely where it is needed adapting automatically to changes in the environment to provide a consistent temperature and humidity level.

Fire Detection/Suppression:
All areas of the building have analogue addressable fire detection systems for smoke and heat with manual break-glass units. Technical and key plant areas also contain VESDA early warning systems combined with an N+N gas suppression system to deliver Aragonite to specific areas in the event of any smoke being detected.

Data centre security is managed 24x7x365 by trained personnel with a wealth of industry experience. Access to the interior and exterior of the data centre is controlled via proximity card readers and monitored via a network of CCTV cameras to make sure everyone entering and travelling in the building is authorised and monitored.

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