High Availability & Failover Solutions

With the growing importance of having zero downtime and the modern nature of access to services anywhere, anytime and anyhow. We have heavily invested in our infrastructure to offer highly available I.T. solutions with automated failover and disaster recovery (DRaaS).

Combining our engineers’ experience with a number of different technologies and our global infrastructure we have achieved one of the lowest RTO and RPO figures in the industry at the price point that we offer.

Traditionally multi-site failover has been an expensive option only available to large companies operating their own networks or companies with large I.T. budgets. Here at Vinters we are keen on pushing boundaries and have now developed a unique solution for cross datacentre and cross continent failover that allows even the smallest of companies access to the same enterprise level of infrastructure.

Our high availability and failover services are fully automated and require no IP or DNS changes, leaving you with a seamless transition between multiple data centres and even continents providing you with excellent business continuity.

Single LAMP Stack Icon

Single LAMP Stack

In its most basic form our high availability solutions can be delivered across 2 low powered servers costing a total of under £200/month. This specification demonstrates a basic LAMP stack for a company website configured with cross-continent failover between our UK and NYC data centres.

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Multiple Server Applications Icon

Multiple Server Applications

The mid-range of high availability solutions that we offer normally seeks to add resiliency to existing company infrastructure starting from £450/month. This example shows a many-to-one type scenario where multiple servers with varying applications are configured with cross data centre failover to a single server in another location.

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Load Balanced Application Cluster Icon

Load Balanced Application Cluster

Although classified as the high-end example there aren’t many limits to how far we can go with our high availability and failover solutions. This example however demonstrates a load balanced cluster with multiple points of failure at every level to offer the most resilient of solutions. Starting at around £900/month these are also the most expensive solutions but also offer the most features and best value per pound.

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What are the benefits of high availability?

  • No IP or DNS Changes Required
  • Fully Automated
  • 3 Datacentres in 3 Different Countries and 2 Different Continent
  • Fully Tailored Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
  • Achievable Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as Low as 1 Minute
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) as Low as 3 Seconds