Mid Range: Multiple Server Applications High Availability & Failover Services

Multiple Server Applications

In our mid-range example we are covering the replication of multiple servers with varying applications to a single failover server in another data centre. This is often a use case for when high availability and failover is required but the chance of multiple servers or applications failing at the same time is relatively low. This is also a cheaper method than having standby servers for every server being replicated and is quite often the tier in which we see companies first move to high availability configurations with the aim to grow towards one of the high-end clustered configurations.

The mid-range is also possible to use for disaster recovery (DRaaS) configuration of in-house infrastructure such as a Windows SBS or Exchange server that you might currently operate in-house but are concerned about the time it would take to recover from a problem. Using the many-to-one configuration we can replicate those in-house servers to one of our data centres meaning in the event of a complete disaster at your office we can start your infrastructure in our data centre and provide you with a connection into it within a matter of minutes. This can be connected to either disaster recovery (DRaaS) office space or to employees working from home. Included in this type of setup we also produce a full disaster recovery policy for you in accordance with ITIL standards.

In the diagram you will notice that we have an Exchange Server, CRM Server, Skype Server and a Domain Controller which are all standalone physical servers. These servers all perform block level replication to a standby hyper-visor in another one of our data centres. The standby hyper-visor, when it receives the replicated data, stores it in a virtual machine meaning in the event of a failure the previously physical server can be started as a virtual machine in a completely different location and in under a minute. It is the use of this physical to virtual replication that also makes this configuration ideal for office disaster recovery as it is hardware agnostic which ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure.

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