Oracle RAC Hosting

Oracle RAC is one of the most resilient database configurations available utilising multiple Oracle database servers as a cluster to deliver high performance and resilience for your database applications.

Oracle RAC is available in Oracle Standard Edition up to and including Oracle 18c providing that only 2 nodes are present and the total number of CPU sockets is limited to 2. With Oracle 19c onwards RAC is no longer available in standard edition and is an Oracle Enterprise Edition feature only however 3rd party products are available instead to continue using Oracle standard edition with an element of disaster recovery if desired.

Vinters have experience on working with highly resilient Oracle databases with multiple points of failure possible whether that be on Oracle Standard or Enterprise edition and have numerous offerings for Oracle Standard Edition 19c and above where replacing Oracle RAC is required without an upgrade to enterprise edition.

Vinters are also able to offer stretch clusters utilising two or more of our geographically diverse data centres to provide disaster recovery of Oracle based infrastructure over distances up to 4700 miles apart utilising our proprietary disaster recovery and high availability solutions.

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Why Choose Vinters' Oracle RAC Hosting?

24 Hour IT Support


Friendly and enthusiastic support is at the heart of our company ethos. We’re always here and ready to help.

High Performance Oracle Hosting


We have a variety of processor, memory and storage offerings to provide the best performance for each individual budget.

Advanced IT Security

Advanced Security

Combined with our F5 and Cisco products and services we can provide tailor made security to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

High Availability IT

High Availability

Utilising Oracle RAC and other technologies including our flagship HA & DR service Oracle services are able to span multiple environments and data centre locations.