About Us

Vinters was founded in 2005 under it’s former name VooServers which it operated as for its first 15 years of business. Since 2005 our product portfolio has expanded significantly along with our customer base to now reach most areas of partner hosted and cloud based solutions in nearly every sector.

We have existed in datacentre and hosted solutions since long before the term cloud was coined which has given us a competitive edge and an expansive knowledge base around how cloud services are constructed, consumed and used to enhance businesses.

Throughout our history we have ensured that we have stayed true to our key values and believe this is a key part of the reason we have grown from a small business serving a handful of clients to a multi-national business. We share our key values with all our employees, partners and clients to ensure that we are held accountable to what we say we stand for.

Our Key Values

Data Security

Data Security, Availability & Integrity

Keeping data secure, available, and verifying it’s integrity ensures our customers can trust data leaving their own environment and that we will treat it with the same care that they would.

IT Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction

By ensuring our customers are satisfied we encourage a positive attitude towards consumption of our services aiding future service delivery and developing strong working relationships with our customers.

Best of Technology

Best of Technology

Our solutions should always have the customer in mind and use the best technology to meet their technical and budgetary requirements. By ensuring that we implement the best of technology and that our customers can see the value in what we provide without being over or under sold we ensure our customers are optimised, secure and satisfied.

Our Story

October 2005

VooServers is Founded

With a strong interest in all things technology and after a brief stint in selling game servers, Matt Parkinson came up with the concept of VooServers and set about creating our initial website, registering the company and starting marketing efforts alongside his 6th form studies.

January 2007

VooServers Relocates

Having established our data centre space in London Docklands the industry was starting to change and data centres outside of the M25 were starting to be opened. We took the decision to move our operations to Maidenhead into the new Blue Square facility before it even opened officially. This move established us with greater access to new services and external support which helped us to shape our growth.

May 2010

VooServers Becomes an Established Business

After finishing 6th form studies and a 2 year stint in London learning some business knowledge and key skills Matt Parkinson embarked on running VooServers as a full time operation, quickly gaining new clients and establishing VooServers as a viable business which set it on a path for where it would head over the next few years.

March 2012

VooServers Relocates to Maidstone

Now 8 years in business and gradually becoming an established business with many clients, VooServers moved it’s offices and data centre operations to Maidstone where it’s head offices are still based today, albeit it 14 times the size that it was in 2012.

March 2013

VooServers Expands into Frankfurt

With great excitement we launched our first international data centre presence in Frankfurt to serve our expanding customer base and offer clients diversity from our UK data centre with space and connectivity in Frankfurt.

October 2013

VooServers Expands into NYC

After expansive growth in a short space of time and clients raising requirements for the US we opted to launch our first US based data centre location in NYC. Since then our NYC location has become our second biggest location and the home of our US subsidiary.

October 2015

VooServers Celebrates 10 Years

10 years in we stopped to reflect on where we were with an anniversary celebration with our staff and customers. We had hit many milestones that were unimaginable, had 3 data centre locations, hundreds of clients and plenty more ambition to what we wanted to achieve over the next 10 years.

January 2017

VooServers Launches in Los Angeles

Building on the growth in our NYC location we opted to launch a west coast presence to give us the same diversity that we had in Europe and enable new disaster recovery and high availability solutions in the US. Originally launching in Los Angeles and later moving to Seattle our west coast presence has cemented our US presence.

September 2018

VooServers Expands Offices

With significant growth in clients and staff headcount it was time for a new office which was newly constructed specifically for our use. Involved with elements of the design we set about to create a high-end work space for our staff that represented where we were as a business and provide amenities that made every day work life easier.

October 2020

VooServers rebrands to Vinters

VooServers has changed significantly since it was founded with it's original focus on bare metal servers before the word cloud was coined. We've transitioned to a hybrid MSP/CSP with a strong focus on high availability, disaster recovery and Oracle based solutions and decided it was also time to transition our brand to align with where we are as a business today.

October 2020

VooServers/Vinters Celebrates 15 Years

Launched in 2005, VooServers celebrates it’s 15 year anniversary. What started out as a couple of servers in shared datacentre colocation space is now a multi-national business operating thousands of servers and cloud services for hundreds of clients around the globe.