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Vinters are a Veeam ProPartner providing managed backup otherwise known as backup as a service (BaaS). We operate our own backup infrastructure out of our own facilities allowing you to choose the precise location of where your data is held to easily meet regulatory and compliance needs.

Our backup services are fully managed with our engineers monitoring your backups for any failures and alerting you to any fixes which need to be made. Our services are integrated with the Veeam Service Provider Console which allows you transparent visibility of your backups and their operation in the same way that our team manage and report on your backups.

Your backups can be configured to backup to a local repository first and then utilise our backup infrastructure as your offsite copy whether that original copy be in a public cloud, private cloud, data centre or on-premises. Our team will aid in the design and implementation of the solution to ensure your backup solution adheres to Veeam best practices and is eligible for Veeam support and the Veeam ransomware recovery warranty.

Backups for any environment


Server Backup

Veeam can backup both physical and virtual machines with VMWare and Hyper-V supported for virtual machine backups. Veeam offers a variety of options and functionality such as de-duplication, network throttling, i/o throttling, synthetic backups, etc to provide an option for almost any scenario.

Veeam also has integrations with leading applications such as SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Active Directory and Exchange to provide application aware and crash consistent backups across both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Veeam are one of the leaders in backup for Microsoft 365 services covering data held in Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams protecting data from both deliberate and accidental deletion in addition to being able to recover from malicious activity. Veeam for Microsoft 365 is a crucial piece of your backup strategy and meets the needs of the shared responsibility matrix of Microsoft 365 where the data remains your responsibility.

NAS File Share Backup

Veeam provides support for backing up files and folders held on NAS devices allowing you to backup both the server workloads and file share workloads wherever they reside in your infrastructure. Veeam currently has support for SMB and NFS file shares as well as support for almost any file share attached to a Windows or Linux server managed by Veeam.

Microsoft Azure Backup

Although Microsoft Azure has it’s own backup service it is not as feature rich as other backup providers and doesn’t meet the needs of holding an external copy of the data either. Veeam for Microsoft Azure offers the ability to backup virtual machines and files held in Azure Files with many more features than the built-in Microsoft Azure backup service. Using Veeam for all your workloads wherever they sit also provides a consistent manner in which backups are managed and a single pane of glass look at all of your backups.

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