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With I.T. being at the heart of every business it’s important to have a robust disaster recovery plan in place for all elements of your infrastructure. Downtime is one of the biggest contribution to financial loss for businesses whether that be from hardware failure, data centre failure or cyber-attack. As such, it’s more important than ever to have a solution and partner you can trust for disaster recovery.

Vinters provide disaster recovery options based on the Veeam Data Platform which allows for a wide variety of options and solutions to be implemented. Vinters can provide solutions for any environment whether it be in a public cloud, private cloud, data centre or on-premises. Vinters runs it’s own Veeam infrastructure in it’s own data centres allowing you to leverage our infrastructure for your disaster recovery requirements.

All of our solutions are fully managed helping you to meet Veeam and disaster recovery best practices. Should you need a disaster recovery solution spanning multiple data centres in geographically diverse locations Vinters also has it’s own multi-homed BGP network and selection of data centres allowing us to provide disaster recovery options with an RPO and RTO as low as a few minutes.

Fully Managed, Self Managed or Co-Managed

Vinters Operated

Vinters have a wealth of experience in providing fully managed hosted platforms from our own data centres with high availability and disaster recovery solutions delivered across multiple data centres on different continents.

Leveraging our data centre and network infrastructure and expertise we are able to provide the hardware, network and management to provide you with a highly available solution which supports your business and it’s needs.

Self Operated

Should you have your own infrastructure and only require a disaster recovery environment we can offer Hyper-V and VMWare based recovery environments within our data centres. Through Veeam you can replicate your environment into our storage repositories as an off-site copy and then recover those into standby resources.

This can be managed within the Veeam Service Provider Console giving you access to view your disaster recovery health and run disaster recovery tests. Even where DR services are self operated you can lean our expertise to advise on a DR solution and for support.

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