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Whether you have infrastructure on-premise, in your own data centre or in a cloud environment Vinters can help with the monitoring and management to allow you and your team to concentrate on core business activities instead.

Vinters have been in infrastructure management since we were founded in 2005 when only a few data centres existed and I.T. was a secondary function in most businesses. We’ve seen things evolve to what they are today with hybrid and multi-cloud environments and have been involved in almost all types of infrastructure design, setup, maintenance and monitoring along the way. This provides us with a vast wealth of knowledge that we can bring to your I.T. operations.

Whether you’re running infrastructure for your line of business applications, running a software as a service platform, an e-commerce platform, or any other use case we’re able to help and have likely seen it before in our long history.

Infrastructure Management in any Environment

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We have worked with the majority of major cloud platforms including Azure, AWS and OCI along with private cloud clusters built on Hyper-V, VMWare, OnApp and Virtuozzo and can provide consultancy and on-going management services to allow you to concentrate on your core business instead.

Datacentre Infrastructure Management

Datacentre infrastructure management is in our roots and where Vinters first started in 2005 providing services from data centres in London Docklands prior to the expansion of facilities across the rest of the UK. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both data centres and I.T. infrastructure to provide bespoke consultancy and management services for any scenario.

On-Premises Infrastructure Management

Although cloud and data centre based infrastructure has taken over as the primary location for I.T. infrastructure there are still many use case scenarios where infrastructure needs to be close to end-users and within your offices. Vinters provide the same management services as we do elsewhere for these scenarios including on-site engineer attendance in the event of any emergency.

Hybrid Infrastructure Management

We recognise that hybrid is the most common implementation scenario for most businesses whether that be between any combination of on-premises, public cloud, private cloud and edge data centres. Vinters can help manage an existing implementation that you already have in addition to offering design, build and maintain consultancy services if you are looking at a move to a hybrid setup.

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