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I.T. support has historically been considered reactive in logging an issue and receiving support when in reality the best performing companies barely know their I.T. teams are even there. This is where preventative maintenance comes in with our ethos being “We should know about it before you do”.

Preventative maintenance should be considered similar to your general maintenance tasks of a car such as checking the oil levels, checking tyre pressures, topping up the windscreen wash, etc. Similar to modern cars a lot of this is now done by software in the car and our monitoring platforms are very similar for your end-user devices and infrastructure. Through these alerts our team then proactively responds to handle these alerts before they become noticeable to you through an issue on your device or infrastructure.

Vinters have a dedicated preventative maintenance team which utilise a series of industry leading monitoring and maintenance applications to keep an eye on your user devices and core infrastructure to ensure they are performing optimally, up to date with the latest patches and that no cyber security events are unfolding.

Patch Management

Patch management in a world where the rate of vulnerabilities is increasing and the cyber security threat is ever growing is becoming ever the more important. Vinters preventative maintenance team will manage your patches not only for Microsoft but for many leading application vendors.

Via our RMM platform we can detect missing patches, categorise them, and apply them via policy regularly to your devices. We will then also deal with any failing patches on devices and attempt to re-install them when failed.

24x7x365 Monitoring

We understand how critical your infrastructure is and even if your office hours are not 24×7 you can almost guarantee these days that someone will be working outside of your normal office hours because they have a deadline to meet or are travelling on a different time zone.

Many MSP’s will not respond to monitoring outside of their core hours which ultimately impacts your business as they don’t start working on it til their office is open which the likelihood is that it’s similar to your own hours. Our aim is to fix the issue before you get into the office so that it has as little impact as possible on you.

That’s why our team will respond to critical alerts 24x7x365 as standard to ensure that your systems are available for when you are in the office.

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