Meet the Team: Lynne Parkinson – Finance Director

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Welcome to our first Meet the Team segment of 2022 where we introduce one of our most long-standing and loyal team members, Lynne Parkinson. Lynne has played a vitally important role at Vinters since the company was first established in 2005, overseeing the financial aspects of the whole operation. In this Meet the Team segment, Lynne takes us back to when it all began, reveals what Vinters means to her, and talks us through the intricacies of her position as Finance Director.

Tell us how your journey at Vinters began

My journey with Vinters started when Matt Parkinson, the company’s founder and Technical Director, dragged me to our local bank. He was only 16 at the time and needed an adult signatory to set up an account for the business. After that, I started doing all of his accounts for Vinters (or Vooservers as it was originally called). As the company was small back then, it only took a couple of hours and I was able to dedicate just one evening a month to it.

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And how has your role as Finance Director evolved since then?

The company grew so much that it became impossible to continue working just one evening a month, so I became a full-time employee. Apart from the volume of work, the role and my responsibilities have changed as well. Whilst finance is still the main part of my job, the business is now multinational and has several branches, meaning I have to keep track of more than one company.

What drew you to working in finance?

I really fell feet-first into finance. My background was actually in languages and I always wanted to teach, but I decided I wouldn’t be good at that. During my hunt for a different career I was offered a position at a Building Society as they wanted to expand into the European markets – this didn’t materialise, but I enjoyed the experience I’d gained of working in finance. I took a book-keeping course to keep my brain active when I had my children and have continued in various financial roles ever since.

Since joining the team in 2005, what has been your most rewarding achievement?

I’m extremely proud of the journey we have been on to build Vinters into the company it is now. Although Matt is the real driving force behind the success of the business, I like to think I’ve played my part by keeping a tight rein on the finances! Cash flow was very challenging at first but, with my careful management, we ensured staff and suppliers were paid on time each month – and now we are thriving!

What does a usual day at Vinters look like for you?

There isn’t a usual day at Vinters! The only constant is that I always have to check any financial transactions – after that, it’s whatever comes along. Sometimes I’ll find myself doing asset tracking or HR admin, and other times it will be arranging couriers and exports to our other data centres. There’s always plenty of general ad hoc tasks for me to pick up.

What makes you proud to be a member of the Vinters team?

I take pride in the fact that we are a professional and highly focused team, which shines through in our work – but we also have lots of fun!

Could you sum up Vinters in one sentence?

Vinters puts the client at the heart of the business.

What’s the next step for you and the finance team at Vinters?

For me personally, it will be considering the right time to retire. Before doing so, I will be ensuring that the finance team is in a strong position to organise a seamless transition and support Vinters as the company continues to reach new heights.