Managed IT Services

Cloud Managed Services

Vinters have been based in cloud services and data centre environments since our initial formation in 2005. We have seen the IT world transform with growing adoption of data centre usage and cloud services and have been on the path for the entire journey into the cloud with many customers.

Vinters can offer a variety of cloud managed services including cloud adoption planning, cloud migration management, monitoring and on-going support and management of cloud services. We can provide these aspects of cloud management individually or as an entire end-to-end solution.

Whilst our preference is for management of services in our own cloud infrastructure and data centres we also have experience working with AWS and Azure. In addition we can also work with hybrid environments combining traditional on-premises systems or private colocation with either our own cloud infrastructure or other public cloud providers.

IT Managed Services

In addition to cloud services and management, Vinters specialises in IT Managed Services supporting end-users alongside the supporting infrastructure whether it be on-premises, in a datacentre or in the cloud.

Vinters provides support to several thousand users every day for a wide variety of problems such issues with emails, PC’s running slowly and application issues to name a few. Vinters are also able to provide you with piece of mind that your users have someone to call on whenever the encounter any IT problems.

Vinters have a unique advantage in that we are both cloud service providers and managed service providers allowing us to provide support from end-users through to the supporting infrastructure.

Managed IT Services Kent