Our Network

Peering with AS62217

General Peering Policy

We operate an open peering policy for public peering, and a selective policy for private interconnects. We support IPv4 and IPv6 at all locations. Full details are provided in the relevant sections below however if you have any queries relating to peering please contact us.

Public Peering

AS62217 is available at the following public peering exchanges:

  • London Internet Exchange (LINX)
  • New York Internet Exchange (NYIIX)

Our general requirements for a public direct peering session are as follows:

  • Peer at all common locations.
  • If you are not on route servers, traffic levels must be sufficient enough to agree to a direct session.

Private Peering

We are open for private interconnect peering at the following facilities where there is sufficient traffic between our networks to warrant a direct peering session.

  • Telehouse North (UK)
  • Sovereign House LHR20 (UK)
  • Vinters Connect (UK)
  • 60 Hudson, NY (US)
  • Telehouse Frankfurt (DE)

All private interconnect partners should meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a 24x7x365 contact via phone and e-mail.
  • Must have a minimum of 100Mbps peak time traffic.
  • Should support 1Gb and 10Gb SM connections.