Public Cloud Services

Vinters combined with OnApp are able to offer a variety of public cloud servers incorporating redundancy at every level from infrastructure power right through to the operating system. From order to deployment within 5 minutes and instant server scaling you can have the flexibility you need to respond to changes in demand only paying for the infrastructure as and when you need it.

With a range of supporting services such as instantly deployed load balancers and a global CDN service all tied in to our easy to use interface you can have enterprise features in a matter of minutes without the need for a large investment in infrastructure.

Get started straight away with our pre-built packages below or contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we can tailor a package to your needs.

Prebuilt Cloud Plans


From £20/month

2GB Memory

25GB Disk

1 CPU Cores

Located in the UK

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From £41/month

4GB Memory

55GB Disk

2 CPU Cores

Located in the UK

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From £72/month

8GB Memory

110GB Disk

4 CPU Cores

Located in the UK

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From £116/month

14GB Memory

200GB Disk

8 CPU Cores

Located in the UK

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Design a Cloud

If you have more complex requirements or our pre-built packages do not fit your requirements you can choose our Design-A-Cloud service and build your cloud servers by choosing each individual component.

Services on our design-a-cloud service are billed per hour that the resources are allocated allowing you to only pay for resources as and when you need them with the ability to scale up and down through the month and have pricing adjusted accordingly.

All monthly pricing shown is worked out to an average month length of 30.4 days or 730 hours. If you require a number of cloud services or have high demands please contact one of our technical sales team for our tiered pricing structures.