VPS - Virtual Servers

Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer you the flexibility of your own server at a lower cost than a dedicated server.

All of our VPS’ are located on quad core nodes with at least 8GB of RAM and multiple disks in RAID for redundancy and performance.

Our automated systems will have your VPS online with your desired operating system within 5 minutes of an order being placed so they are perfect for users who want to get started straight away.

VPS Locations

Maidstone / UK

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New York / USA

New York VPS Server View VPS Packages

Frankfurt, DE

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VPS Benefits


When considering a VPS, it’s great to be reassured that each user’s resources are isolated, meaning that tasks being run on another user’s server wont affect your website or applications performance.


Opting for a VPS solution is more affordable than dedicated hosting. A basic VPS plan with the required resources to host a website is reasonable on a very low budget.


A VPS gives you complete control over your own server. A VPS operates at the needs of the user and provides the flexibility to configure and manage your server as you like.


As cyber security becomes more and more important, by using a VPS other users on the server cannot access the resources dedicated to you, leaving the security of your server in your control.