4 Benefits of Colocation in 2022

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What are the benefits of colocation?

  1. Business Continuity: Enjoy less downtime as your servers are hosted in a high-spec colocation data centre.
  2. Security: Relax knowing your hardware is hosted in a facility with hardened security.
  3. Room for Expansion: As your business grows, so can your infrastructure without you needing to worry about finding the space.
  4. Long Term Cost Savings: Save time and money by opting for a colocation model.

What is colocation?

Colocation allows you – the customer – to host your own servers within a datacentre.

Colocation services have been increasing in popularity over the last few years, but the pandemic in particular has caused a huge spike.

As many businesses close their offices – and therefore, losing the places they keep their servers – these options offer a high-spec alternative to on-premise management.

But how do businesses benefit from hosting their servers in a datacentre instead of in their own space?

Colocation Data Centre Kent

Business Continuity

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, businesses across all industries are investing more into technology to aid them in their day-to-day operations.

With a colocation business model, having your servers in a datacentre opposed to on-premise can improve your business continuity plans, and here’s how.

  • Better connectivity: Colocation data centres have redundant network connections which ensures your applications can run smoothly.
  • Improved network security: Modern data centres have the best firewalls and IDS systems to prevent cyber threats and ultimately keep your data safe.
  • Redundant power supply: With multiple power grids, fuel powered generators and battery backup systems, colocation data centres offer facilities that simply cannot be matched from traditional office spaces.


Keeping data secure is a top priority in 2022. If you opt for a colocation service, you’ll benefit from keeping your servers and ultimately your data in a highly secure facility with CCTV, man guarding and heavy duty locking throughout.

Room for Expansion

As your business grows you may find yourself in need of more space. Moving servers from one facility to another is costly, and often troublesome.

With a colocation model you need not worry about the hassle of moving an entire infrastructure to a new facility. If you’re closing down or moving offices, this takes a huge headache out of the move as your IT hardware stays put and running in its datacentre.

As your business grows, you may need to expand your infrastructure and in-turn, needing more space for more servers.

Long-Term Cost Saving

While the up-front costs of colocation can be high depending on the number of servers you require, the running costs of hosting your servers on-premise can significantly outweigh the long-term costs of colocation.

Even when compared to public cloud options colocation in the long run can be significantly cheaper particularly where high performance or unique requirements are present.

We often find that a hybrid approach can be the most well-rounded solution when colocation is combined with high-speed links into public cloud provides to consume the best of both. Vinters are able to provide connectivity into Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services for our colocation customers to enable this.

Colocation with Vinters

When you choose our colocation services, you get all the above benefits and more.

We also offer installation and management for your hardware so that you don’t have to travel to our datacentre every time you need work done. This in turn gives you the opportunity to collocate across the globe with us.

To talk more about colocation for your business, get in touch with our team today and we’ll be able to talk you through the steps.

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By on April 28th, 2022