Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Day 1

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 kicked off today at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando and 2 of our team were there to cover the days events. The day was set to start with a keynote from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella followed by a series of tech keynotes from differing learning paths.

The keynote from Satya started with some incredible statistics of the growth of connected devices to reach 50 billion by 2030 and the total size of data reaching 175 zetabtyes by 2025.

To house these connected devices and their data Microsoft is committing to building new data centres with 100% renewable energy and zero waste, a strategy that will also be rolled out to existing data centres across their 54 different regions around the world.

Microsoft Ignite Day 1

Further on in the keynote Microsoft mirrored other large hyper-scale cloud providers in making their commitment towards hybrid and on-premises infrastructure which Satya dubbed the new era of hybrid cloud for which a range of new product announcements followed.

Amongst these new announcements was Azure Arc, a control plane for multi-cloud and multi-edge scenarios allowing the azure stack to be extended into companies own data centres and allowing them to leverage azure features in on-premises environments. Azure Arc also supported other hyper-scale cloud environments such as AWS which shows Microsoft is ever adopting a new approach to competitors in embracing their technologies rather than having to make a choice between vendors.

Azure Synapse and Azure Quantum were further announcements on the future of technology with accessible quantum computing on azure which combined with synampse are designed to make complex queries ever faster to allow everyone to consume data better and faster.

Moving away from the Azure features a strong emphasis was made on cyber-security with the cost of breaches last year noted to have totalled over $1 trillion. This is a statistic to which Microsoft are making huge efforts to combat with enhancements in products such as advanced threat protection and Microsoft secure score and compliance score frameworks which analyse tenant environments and make priority based suggestions on how to make things both more secure and meet compliance. Security and compliance made easy was really the big message that Microsoft were trying to get across.

Further on in the day there were tech keynotes in various areas for which security was our primary focus in which we learnt about the three pillars of security which are identity, compliance and security. Within each of these pillars Microsoft are providing tools to achieve greater security across all organisations including things such as single sign-on and conditional access for applications such as DocuSign, GoToMeeting and even Facebook.

These features and keeping devices secure often came back to enabling of modern device management and it’s something Microsoft have made significant advancements on over the past year and are keen to enable everyone to be more secure noting that 99% of breaches could have been prevented by features already available such as multi-factor authentication and conditional access. Utilising cloud technologies to make all devices more secure including traditional on-premises applications was high on the agenda and demonstrated throughout.

MSIgnite 2019 Day 1

Finally for the day was the opening of the hub, something new for 2019 which incorporated the traditional expo floor with more learning theatres and partner products. This was really a fantastic experience with easy access to Microsoft professionals to get into details on specific issues around implementations and on-going product problems. If there is something that you would like us to discuss on your behalf then be sure to let us know.

That’s it for our round-up of day 1 of Microsoft Ignite and far too much to mention than we can fit in this blog post so be sure to contact us to hear more tailor made to your own environment and how to make the most of existing and new products.

By on November 5th, 2019