The Importance of Software Updates

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How many times have you clicked the ‘Remind me later’ button when an update notification pops up on your laptop?

Usually, that one delay turns into several and, before you know it, it’s been weeks or months since you’ve updated your software.

Well, that may change when you find out just how crucial those updates really are! So why are they so important?

Importance of Software Updates

1. They fix security flaws

A security flaw – otherwise known as a software vulnerability – is a hacker’s favourite find. Finding a weakness in an operating system or program means they can then write code that targets the vulnerability; this code is called malware.

Your computer can be injected with the malware if you innocently do something like open a pop-up box, view an unsecure website, or play an infected video. As a result, the hacker can then steal your data and effectively lock your computer.

Now, you might think that any software worth investing in won’t come laden with security flaws – but it’s not quite that simple. Technology is ever-evolving and so are methods of hacking. It’s possible for a new software program to present a vulnerability and need to be fixed quickly, which is why these updates are often very small and regular.

So, yes, Google Chrome (for example) needs updating from time to time in order to bring you the very best and most up-to-date software and security. It takes two to tango, so to speak.

2. They are vital for data protection

It follows that if software updates help keep hackers out, they can in turn keep your data safe. In your personal life and in business, data protection should be a priority.

Computer viruses (quite like colds!) can spread quickly around the office. If, as a result, your customer data were to be compromised, you would have some rather expensive reparations on your hands.

Take Equifax, for example — one of America’s three major credit bureaus. Due to a two-month delay in updating their software, 143 million Americans were potentially impacted by the large-scale data breach in which names, addresses, birthdays, driver’s licence data, and social security numbers were leaked.

These days, customers need to know that their information is in safe hands — and if it isn’t, they will often simply take their business elsewhere.

3. They boost efficiency

Everyone wants the best-performing version of a product. Be it a new iPhone or the latest project management tool, we want the latest and greatest. So why do we so often fall behind when it comes to software updates?

Not updating your software can cause instability, crashing, and slow performance. This is because updates don’t simply fix security vulnerabilities, but they can add new functionalities and improve existing features. Developers are constantly working to make software more efficient and useful.

So for ultimate productivity, it really does pay to be on top of these updates.

Choose staying ahead of the curve

It’s clear, then, that in business, the disruption of unstable software and security hitches simply isn’t worth it. For more satisfied employees and happier customers in turn, keep software updates front of mind!

If you (understandably) can’t quite keep up with the latest software and advancements, you can rely on a managed IT service provider like Vinters. We’ve got you covered when it comes to all things IT support and can advise you on any application issues you encounter.

Give us a call or take a look at our managed IT services page for more information!

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Software Updates

By on May 11th, 2022