Vinters Re-Certifies to ISO27001

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Vinters first achieved the ISO27001:2013 accreditation in 2017 which was valid for 3 years and we are delighted to confirm that as of 17th February 2020 we have re-certified for another 3 years.

ISO 27001 is a fundamental part of our information security strategy setting out clear procedures and policies for all our employees to implement and follow. These procedures and policies are not only applied to our internal systems but also to customer systems that come under our management which makes it an essential piece of our managed services offering.

ISO27001 is a globally recognised accreditation that in recent years has seen substantial growth outside of Europe where it has been prominent for many years. Vinters are a global provider of I.T. services which made ISO27001 the first choice in an information security management system standard.

Part of the standard revolves around a continual improvement model which we have demonstrated through the last 3 years with a wide variety of changes to the way that we implement and manage systems. We have also defined a clear strategy for onwards improvement to our information security management system through the next 3 years and beyond with cyber security becoming an ever-increasing importance for both ourselves and our customers.

We look forward to continuing to improve on our implementation of the standard as well as working with our customers to help them in achieving their own security requirements.

By on April 7th, 2020