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Vinters can deliver hosting of Oracle Apex applications in a wide variety of configurations catering for almost any use case. Whether it’s a standalone server or a clustered load balanced configuration we can design something to meet your specific business needs.

Vinters currently supports APEX 4.2 and above along with ORDS 2.0 and above on both Oracle Standard Edition and Oracle Enterprise Edition and can also assist with migration or upgrades between versions. In scenarios where high availability and disaster recovery is required we are also able to supply Oracle RAC Hosting and stretch clusters spanning multiple geographically diverse data centres.

At the start of each deployment an engineer will offer a design consultation to look at your requirements including any migration paths and version upgrades that are desired. This design consultation will then be used as the basis for a proposal and subsequently the infrastructure design and implementation.

Once the infrastructure design has been decided on our dedicated projects team will work on deploying your infrastructure and migrating any existing data and applications. Every deployment that involves a data migration will include a test migration as part of the project which is the first time you will get to see your applications and test the functionality on the new systems before setting a live migration date.

Why Choose Vinters’ Oracle Apex Hosting?


Friendly and enthusiastic support is at the heart of our company ethos. We’re always here and ready to help.


We have a variety of processor, memory and storage offerings to provide the best performance for each individual budget.

Advanced Security

Combined with our F5 and Cisco products and services we can provide tailor made security to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

High Availability

Utilising Oracle RAC and other technologies including our flagship HA & DR service Oracle services are able to span multiple environments and data centre locations.

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